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Homeland Season 8 Episode 7 ‘i Found Max’ Release Date, Plot And Recap

Homeland is a television series of America that is based on serial drama, crime thriller, psychological thriller, political thriller and espionage thriller.

The developers of the series are Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa and producers are Lauren White, Katie O’Hara, Charlotte Stoudt, and Mandy Patinkin.

The series has released its 8 seasons and the number of episodes is 90.

The running time of each episode of the series is 46-84 minutes. The 8th season is the final season of the series and it was released on the 9th of February in 2020.

What About Season 8 of Homeland?

The eight or the final season of the series is released on 9th of February in 2020. The plot of the series is continued from the previous seasons.

The final season is consisting of 12 episodes.

Cast and characters: Homeland

Claire Danes in the role of Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer and also station chief

Maury Sterling in the role of Max Piotrowski, is a surveillance expert and also a trusted man of associate.

Costa Ronin is in the role of Yevgeny Gromov, a GRU office, he is Russian

Nimrat Kaur is in the role of Tasneem Qureshi, she is the head of Pakistan Agency of intelligence

Mandy Patinkin is in the role of Saul Berenson, boss of Carrie and also a National security officer

Numan Acar in the role of Haissam Haqqani, Taliban’s head

Linus Roache in the role of David Wellington, a staff member of the white house

This is the main cast which you can see in the 8th season of the series or in its all episodes. There are also many side casts which you can also see in the 8th season or in its upcoming episodes.

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Plot of the season 8

In the 8th season you will see that Carrie, a CIA officer who is Russian is in the prison and struggling with its situation but Saul wants to shift her to Afghanistan, Saul was also chosen to spread a peace moment in Afghanistan.

When does episode 7 of season 8 is going to release?

The 7th episode of season 8th of homeland is going to release on 22nd of March in 2020.

The title of this upcoming episode is fucker shot me.

You can watch the episode on Hulu, Amazon prime video, direct TV.

What had happened in episode 6 of season 8 of the homeland?

The title of the 6th episode of season 8th is two minutes, in this episode, you will see that Max was in the prison and Carrie was trying to find her.

This episode was released on the 15th of March 2020. With this episode, the series has completed its 90th episode.

What is going to happen in the 7th episode?

Well, there is no plot release for the 7th episode, but the episode 7th is continued from the 6th. The title of the 7th episode is fucker shot me and it is going to release on 22nd March on its releasing platform