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Homecoming Season 2: Confirmation, Air Date, Cast, And What Will Be The Storyline

The new season of Homecoming season 2 is going to come a lot sooner than expected. The creator of the series is Sam Esmail and the show revolves around countless pelicans and mysteries. The first season of the series shows that it is about a private facility that helps the veterans of wars who arrived at home.

As the episodes of the series rolled out it is clear that the agenda of the facility is more than it stands for. All the episodes of the new season are going to be directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez. Nobody was sure that there will be any more seasons about the show.

Release Date

Homecoming Season 2 is expected to launch on Amazon Prime in the year 2020. Fans can’t wait to see what more can the creators add. There is no confirmed date about the show but the series will be online very soon.


The cast of the show includes Julia Roberts, Stephan James, Hong Chau, and Audrey Temple. Micah Bloomberg and Eli Horowitz are going to continue as the main showrunners of the amazing series filled with mystery and drama. Janelle Monae is going to join the show and will feature as the new leader of the show.

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As of now, it is not clear that what will the plot of the new season of the series. The information is also not available from the original podcast of the show, that is why it is even more difficult to say anything about the plot. But as also there are many fan theories and with Heidi Bergman, the series is going to be an absolute thriller. It can also be said that the latest season will feature the doubtful business of Geist. We may also get to see Thomas Carrasco and Audrey Temple’s further inquiry.