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Hollywood Season 2: Cast, Plot and Is There Any Confirmed Netflix Release Date ?

“Hollywood”, The brand new Netflix series which may have upset quite a no.of fans out there and it seems that the limited series has proven out to be a disaster.

Hollywood Season 2: What’s the Big Idea??

The story is about a movie ” Peg” which in the golden era of cinema where people were biased in Hollywood in terms of being gay and black. Director Ryan Murphy who is quite a big name has been criticized for this, as although the concept of having a black woman starring and a black gay man as the scriptwriter.

But the story and the whole drama had been termed as pretty hollow and dreamy by the critics as for them nothing really was there which was looking pretty good.

Now, the question remains whether the series is going to have a 2nd season or not. The answer is that there is going to be a Season 2 as Netflix can give that much lineage to Ryan but since it’s a limited series which could lead to the fact that there couldn’t be many seasons.

Hollywood Season 2: Is It Going to Happen??

But this fact depends on the matter what is going to be the upcoming story of the series, by the recent looks of it as the story could also go to the era of Civil War and of they give something like that and take a description of that era in a pretty good manner, then it could become a sensation.

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As for the cast, we are going to have the same members for sure as of now, but then again there could be changes in future. So, need to stick to the source to make sure to get the updates.

Another thing is the trailer which we don’t have as the filming hasn’t been started but we will get to it soon until then we need to wait as the pandemic has almost frozen everything.