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Hollywood Hunk John Krasinski: He Is Interested In The Role Of Mr. Fantastic Four The Marvel Franchise

  • John Krasinski wants to play Reed Richards in Fantastic Four. The movie is slated to become a part of the Marvel franchise. In the past Krasinski lost out on the role of Captain America to Chris Evans. When asked about the possibility, Krasinski replied in the positive.

Kransinski’s Ambition With The Role

Krasinski is aware of the fan’s desire which is evident in his comments to Total Film. He has no desire to shatter dreams of Marvel Fans by withdrawing from the role. He highlighted in interviews that the dreams exist and are prevalent.

Krasinski doesn’t only want to play the protagonist of Marvel’s first family. He finds the Marvel Studios both fun and well done. Thus he will only make Marvel fans joyous by joining this exciting ride. It also provides him the opportunity to work with some of his close friends. Thus it proves a win all around for the actor.

Conjectures About When The Movie Will Release

The question is will the movie happen. On that front, even John Krasinski has no more idea than us, or is to willing to share. The actor says that he is unaware of Marvel’s plans for Fantastic Four. He clearly does not assert that his name is in the mix. But To keep fans’s alive, Krasinski says that he would love to do the role.Marvel has not announced the names of the cast members. Never has Marvel gone astray with its casting process in the past. So we can hope that whoever plays Mr. Fantastic will be a suitable choice.

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Benefits of Casting John Krasinski for the role

John Kransinski certainly fits the role of Mr. Fantastic as one envisions it. He is a talented director as well. Thus he can actually direct Fantastic Four for Marvel Studios as well as star in it. His wife Emily Blunt could play Reed’s wife Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman. She has serious action chops and her casting would be both fun and fitting. The entire thing comes repackaged and ready to go. What is worth waiting for?