Hitman 3 Is All Set to Come in January

Since the inception of PC gaming, The Hitman has truly been one of the cornerstone gaming franchises. With such a wide and popular acceptance, all across, it has truly been a revelation. Hitman Contracts surfaced on the gaming world when it had no parallel whatsoever. Due to the overwhelming response to the game, the franchise released a second one titled Hitman Silent Assassin. Again with climactic shooting sequences, it was a beautifully oriented game. Then came a complete revelation in Hitman trilogy with Hitman Absolution and it’s supreme quality graphics. Now Hitman 3 is on the cards.

Hitman 3: Gameplay

This time, the makers have decided to resort to a unique storyline. Agent 47, the prime character would be traveling to Dubai for his new mission. Most of the sneaking around and moving through buildings will take place in the skyscrapers. Thus there will be new excitement, with more ease added to the sniping techniques. Since the majority of the gameplay would take place in high rise buildings, sniping would not be a major issue. A small teaser trailer was released on The PlayStation 5 Future for a Gaming event. The trailer gave a short display about the kind of story that would be followed in the game.

Hitman 3: What Did the Developers Say?

Developers for the game have described the thought process that has gone behind this game. In the latest quoted interview, they said that they have tried to correlate the background of the Agent 47 characters. Up until now, Agent 47 was only concerned with contract killing and tracing his imposter and killing him before he does something even more sinful. With the development of gameplay and storytelling, the character of Hitman Agent 47 has taken a completely different turn. We would like to ensure that it is an open end game, where the titular character would get to interact with the open-world elements, bringing to the fore more opportunities.

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Hitman 3: Release

It is speculated that the game would release sometime around January 2021. However owing to the current situation, no fixed date can be decided beforehand. But since the trailer and teaser for the game are out, we can be sure of the fact that the game would release in a short span.