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History of International Transgender Day of Visibility and All About Rights of Human

Transgender people are quite different from us, and they come from all walks of life. They represent their community, their own social background ethics. Although they are much different in all aspects from us, they are humans as well. Somewhere or the other, they are considered inferior to the common people; they are treated in a totally different manner, which is not right. It is said that this word-“transgender” basically represents a different kind of sex, different from what we are born with.

Some identity is defined to be nonbinary or agender. Although we had developed much in the field of science and technology, our mentality and our thinking is just the same as it was before, this is the reason why transgender people are not able to accept their reality in front of the society. In turn,some of them even opt for hormone surgery, which is not appropriate.

Thus, to adore them and to make them realize that they are also a part of the human community, International Transgender Day is honored every year on March 31. This is important as this will spread awareness about treating them right and to support them the way thy are. It was reported in 2019 in November that a national epidemic Fatal Anti-Transgender Violence in America.

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The trans people were killed, and approx 20 transgender people were fatally killed, which in turn was followed by five more deaths in the next tear. That’s exactly where we lack; the social responsibility is what we need to understand. For this, HRC announced in September that the organization is taking initiatives keeping in mind the need of transgender people and those impacted by gender discrimination, sexism or transphobia.

They are working hard to spread awareness about the discrimination faced by transgender people, and they are continuously increasing public education campaigns to make people understand the anti-trans violence. We, as a citizen of the country, should realize that the transgender people are no different from us, we have the same blood and origin. We should stop treating them differently. Let them fly in their own sky!