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Highlights Series’ NieR Replicant Upgrade Announced the 10th Anniversary Celebration

Nier is an action role-playing game which was released in 2010 only for PlayStation and Xbox 360, which was developed by Cavia and published by Square Enix. The game is inspired by Darkengard Series. In the starts with a prologue of 2048 ’s snowstorm then jumps over one thousand years and then the game will give you the control of the main player titular protagonist Nier. Nier then trying to find a cure of an dangerous illness named Black Scrawl. He was trying to cure his daughter’s illness.

His daughter ’s name is yonah. He was trying to find the cure with the help of nature and his talking book named Grimoire Weiss. He wants to find the remedy of that illness and shades nature. Shades is a creature who stalk the world with his power. The game play inspired by many various video game. After that the game developed with a unique story line and lots of adventures. The company is facing lots of profits so they decided to add a sequel to this game which was released in 2017 and named after Nier: Automata.

What are the new updates? And when the game will out?

After so many years later on this Sunday 29th March 2020, Nier started a 10 to 12 hours long live stream they announced that they will rerelease Nier:Repilcant with a new version named Nier :Repilcant ver 1.22474487139… For Ps4, Xbox one, and also Pc vie stream. The game details was revealed by a short trailer and text and speech. The game was also upgraded by some features like,
Okabe reorder the games soundtrack, which will added new song.

  • There was also added new elements for fresher who can fresh their game play by returning.
  • There was also new character included
  • Also the dialogue was little bit changed.
  • Ending was little changed, added new things in ending.
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There is a change of story line also like in Repilcant starts with young versions of characters and Yonah who was the daughter of Nier now she was the sister of Nier, and Nier is going to help his sister in this version. The relationship change between those two. Here Okabe’s music take much more importance than previous versions. With the huge 4.5 million copies sold they create a milestone. Also they announced during the stream the will release Nier:Re[in]carnation for Android devices and iOS devices. That mobile game will developed by Applibot. And also the music creator are working on that version too. So the company has to work harder than before. Until than stay tuned.