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Hi score girl season 2 premiers April 9th!

The cutest love story of all times, High Score Girl manga is coming to Netflix in April. Hi score girl is a romantic comedy that takes us through a ride of gaming stages and relationship development between 6th graders.

The second anime season consisting of 9 episodes was premiered on October 25, 2019, in Japan. Now it comes to the viewers of the world on 9th April 2020. Netflix brings it outside Japan and China in April.

When was the release of season 1?

The television premiere of season 1 took place in July 2018  in Japan. Netflix took it outside Japan in December 2018. It was a delight for the anime viewers and has continued to attract new ones. The second season was anticipated to be the same hit as the first.

Who are the makers of Hi Score Girl?

 Rensuke Oshikiri is the one to write and illustrate this all famous series. It is published by Square Enix. The staff in the second season of the anime has majorly remained unchanged. However, Eri Sekido has been replaced by Yūya Hatano. He has served as the character modelling director in the previous season.

The anime has been directed by Yoshiki Yamakawa at J.C. Staff. The job of series composition was upon the shoulders of Tatsuhiko Urahata. The drawings of characters designs are given by Michiru Kuwabata. CGI production of the series handleddles by Tomoyasu Sakakibara.

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What is the story of Hi Score Girl?

The anime’s plot is dated back in  80’s and 90’s period. The cute love between two 6th graders has characterized through it. It dates its beginning to 1991. A 6th grader, Haruo, lurking around the arcade enjoys his game. He almost spent his complete day at the arcade lost in a world of his own. Akira, a rich girl from the same grade as he comes to arcade one fine day. Haruo discovers her to be a top-class gamer who outmatches him. Their acquaintance develops into a relationship gradually as they move ahead in their gaming levels. The second season will be as a finale to the show.