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Here’s Everything Related To Mini Balance! (Upcoming Maintenance Break)!!!

Yes, you heard it right. There would be Maintenance Breakdown in the Mini Balance for some new updates.

Nearly, just after this week, there would be a Maintenance Breakdown in the Mini Balance in which they would look forward to bring effective changes in your Home Villages.

Here’s a list of what they are going to change during there maintenance breakdown:

As per information from Clash Of Clans, there are going to

  • Increase the radius of Spring Trap or, in other words, Home Villages, which was prior 0.7 tiles to 0.8 tiles this time.
  • Increasing the level of Bomb tower HP from 1000/1200/1400 to 1050/1300/1600
  • Increasing the level of Bomb Tower DPS from 46/52/60 to 48/56/64
  • Increasing the level of death damage from Bomb Tower from 340/380 to 350/400
  • Even they are going to decrease the level of Cannon DPS from 125/132 to 124/130

So yes, after the update, all the lovers of Clash Of Clans would experience a different level of gaming experience.

And due to the maintenance breakdown, obviously, all the in-game replays will be erased due to the updates been made. This is a little disappointing for all of us, but we can’t do anything.

I hope you all like the new update been made in your Home Villages.

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