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Here You Can Find The Monster Truck In PUBG Season 14

PUBG as we all know is such an obsession amongst today’s era. Not only teenagers but even adults are engrossed in this soo much. Everyone is loving this game and it would be stupid of us to deny the fact that it is our current love.

The good news is that the PUBG mobile has recently got a major update. It has a new map called Livik and the update brings the game under the version number 0.19.0. Along with the new map it also has few new additions. Livia is a ‘nordic’ style map and it has waterfalls and snowy terrain.

The map also brings out many new weapons that the players can use while fighting. The famous new weapons are the new Monster Truck Vehicle, P90 SMG, and the Mk 12 Marksman rifle. The area is spread around a 2km square area and the players need to battle in the field till the last one standing.

The new update is available both on the iOS App store as well as on the Google Play Store. On Google Play the update is only of 0.93 GB while on the iOS App store the update is of much bigger size and is of 2.4 GB. Once you download the particular update then the LIvik map will be visible in the game.

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You can find the monster truck parked in the field of flowers in the Livik map itself. It also awards you with a Nightmare Helmet as a reward for updating to the latest version of the game. The new map has 6 zones and once you complete the zones then you will get additional rewards. Each zone has its own challenges and you will need to complete those challenges.

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