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Here Is the Reason Behind Why Chadwick Boseman Kept His Cancer Battle as a Secret

We all are aware that we have lost great black panther star, Chadwick Boseman. The reason behind his death was colon cancer. He had struggled with colon cancer for 4 years. Nobody was aware about this four-years battle. Only a few close friends of him knew about this disease. This is the saddest news everybody has heard this week in the year 2020. We believe, this year is full of obstacles. We have lost a great artist as well as a great person in this year 2020.

Reason Behind His Secretive Cancer Battle

There are only few close friends of black panther star who knew about his cancer battle. There were numerous questions asked to know the reason for hiding this disease. His fans were curious to get to know about his reason behind hiding this such a big problem. Michael Greene, who is a very long time agent of Boseman, clarified the reason behind hiding cancer. Greene revealed that Chadwick was on steps followed by his mother named Carolyn. His mother has always taught him to keep his life personal.

Greene told everyone that Boseman felt that people trip out about things and also, Boseman was a very private person. This is the reason he struggled without revealing actual truth.

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Although, everyone respect his decision of keeping his things private and feels sad for his struggle for a very long time of four years.

His fans are really sad and miss their star. Chadwick earned really great fans and so much love because of the Wakanda character. We could see social media flooded with ‘Wakanda forever’ salute. We will miss our great black panther.  He would always be there in our hearts and we wish for his peace.