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Here Is the Best Retcons Revelations in MCU History

When it comes to pointing out retcons and revelation, Marvel have been a pioneer in making their stories or movies interconnected with each other. Sometimes these connections are shown to the audience, yet they find it hard to recognize them. That’s one of the infinite reasons why people have been watching MCU’s film for over a decade.

Throughout their 12 year long history, that includes 23 movies in total, there were surely some best retcons that were featured in the fills. Be it for the narration, connecting the characters or introducing the next superheroes, surely Marvel were way better than anyone out there. Here we list some of the Retcons that you might or might have not seen it at all.

Spiderman was introduced in the MCU in Iron Man 2

Well officially Spiderman entered the Marvel Universe in  “Captain America : Civil War” all thanks to Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios contract. Though the makers had already in their mind to introduce the web shooter – slinger hero somewhere or other way. Now if you remember the Stark Expo scene in Iron Man 2, where Tony Stark gave a kid his Iron Man Mask, turns out that kid was Young Peter Parker.

What a sweet coincidence! This point also mentions the eventual growth in the relation of Peter Parker and Tony Stark.

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Real Mandarin Exists in Marvel Universe

If you have watched Iron Man 3, you would surely remember the villain’s name in the movie, Mandarin, a terrorist who brought chaos and terror in the film. Turns out, he was just a fictional character played by some character actor. The real villain was Tony’s employer who wanted to take revenge against him.

But, you will be shocked to know that in Marvel Universe, that a real Mandarin exists. In the comic book, he is tagged as the “Iron Man’s arch enemy”. And when he gets to know that his name is being for false reasons, he is furious over it. Well, fans don’t have to worry as the makers have told that, they would witness him in the forthcoming Marvel Project, “Shang Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings” where he would be the main antagonist.