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Here Comes “Hantavirus” After Coronavirus Check What is Hantavirus Now , Is It Fake Or Not ?

The world is reeling with Corona Virus. Pandemic of a large proportion, it is  affecting millions and claiming thousand lives.
World Economy is shattered because of it. Prices of ration, necessities and luxuries alike are sky high
As if this isn’t enough, “Hantavirus” arrives as the new Satan for Humanity.

What is Hantavirus

Hantavirus, a single strand one, is found in animal excreta, urine and saliva.

It is highly communicable, spreading through animal contact.

Rodents, Deer and Rats are the prime bearers of this anomaly.

Effects and Symptoms of Hantavirus

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome causing respiratory difficulties.

  • Consistent Fever and Chills.
  • Aching Muscle Pains associated with Nausea.
  • Vomiting and Acute Abdominal Pain.

The disease takes a considerable time to detect. Extremely damaging effects to primary organs are very common.

How to Stop Hantavirus

  • Closure of Access to Rodents and Animals.
  • Use of proper disinfectants to minimalize risks.
  • Consult with Doctors immediately with intake of medicines prescribed.
  • Maintaining clean surroundings by removing used dishes and bags.

Impact of Hantavirus

The Virus leads to Lung Infection, causing permeant damage to respiratory arterioles and ventricles.

Acute kidney damage is seen in many cases with caustic acid like effects.

Thus, it is quite evident that we are truly living in an unsafe habitat. All that comes to mind is Edwin Brock’s lines” The Best way to Kill a Man is to see that he is living somewhere in the middle of 20th Century and leave him there”.

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