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Henry Danger Season 5 Episode 39 : Release Date, Spoilers, Recap And Preview

Henry Hart’s adventures airing on TV since 2014 are to almost an end for the 5th season. Episode 38 has been aired on Nickelodeon on 7th March 2020. Creation of Dan Schneider and Dana Ols and favorites of kids, Henry Danger is the comedy television show featuring a 13-year-old kid who works as a sidekick to the superhero in his town.


The show is based on a kid who works as a sidekick to the superhero named Captain Man of his town. Captain assigns him as he believes he will go soon and someone have to take his place. The show revolves around the adventure of henry who helps captain man in fighting evil and hiding his identity as Kid Danger from his friends.

Release date of episode 39

One of the final episodes named ‘Fate Of Danger: part 1’ will be releasing on Nickelodeon on 14th March 2020. The time slot of the show is 8.00pm for the US.

Precap of episode 38

The captain man is in Danger as his previous sidekick has come back from the past. He wants to avenge sidekick and hence he has gathered an army for himself. Captain man’s safety is in the hands of kid danger and his friends.

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Spoilers of episode 39

It is one of the two final episodes of the series.
Kid Danger has to bring back captain man from the past and revive his memory while drex is adamant to wipe it out.

The first episode of season 1 was aired on July 26, 2014. On July 27th,2018 the series was renewed for its fifth season. The 5th season will end on 22nd march 2020 which started on 3rd November 2018. Episodes air on Nickelodeon every Saturday.


Henry Hart aka Kid Danger is played by Jace Norman while Cooper Barnes played the role of superhero Captain Man. Best friends of Henry – Charlotte, and Jasper is played by Riele Downs and Sean Ryan respectively. While Piper Hart is played by Ella Anderson.

Watch the teaser here.