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Hector Castlevania Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Much More

Interested in  Dracula and vampires? Then you must go for this series. This is a story of Dracula’s revenge. His love for his wife makes him take revenge against one of his old friends, Isaac, who killed his wife. He betrayed him. You will see love, sex, revenge in this series…! Excited? 

Release date:

The series was first seen on Netflix on 7 July 2017, and it was sure that it will be renewed for the second season on that day only and finally, we came across the second season on October 26, 2018. Season 3 is available on Netflix from 5 March 2020. It has 10 episodes with a longer duration than the previous season’ s episodes. Thriller is ready for you with season 3 episodes.

Casting character:

The characters of season 3 are – 

  • Alucard (James Callis)
  • Trevor( Ricard Armitage)
  • Syphaa (Alejandra Reynoso Agueda)
  • Hector (Theo James)
  • Isaac( Adetokumboh M’Cormack)
  • Carmilla(Jaime Murray)
  • Lenore(Jessica Brown Findlay),
  • Morana(Yasmine Al Massri)and
  • Striga,(Ivana Milicevic)
  • Taka(Toru Uchikado)
  • Sumi(Rila Fukushima)
  • Miranda(Barbara Steele)
  • TheCaptain(Lance Reddick)


Season 3 will start after the death of Dracula’s boss. Carmilla will join hands with the vampire of Styrian court, her vampire sisters and makes an evil plan to execute. She had only one aim and her aim was to occupy the vacant seat of Dracula after his death and for that she had to fight with other vampires who also wants to acquire that seat. Most of season 3 will revolve in lindenfield town. It’s all character will explore the religious organizations of the town with Trevor and sypha who may become romantically attached. You will also see in season 3 that Isaac wants to take his revenge on hector because he has cheated on the boss of the Dracula and hector also left him on the verge of death. Alucard will have to sacrifice both his mother and father in season 3.Dracula will not be seen in the starting episodes, but there will be some glimpses of him in the 9th and 10 episodes.

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