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Heart-Throbbing One Piece Live-Action Series Comes: The Order of Episodes Streamlined and Much More

Fans, I have some very awesome news for you all. It has been a long time since the One Piece came out. Approximately, 20 years ago, we had our hearts won. However, if the creators had more time, resources and better ideas for the future, the series could have been made. Leave it, we are very lucky. Netflix is going to be a part of the creation of this series. One Piece live action, will be made with the help of Netflix.

However, There Are a Lot of Different Rumours Going Around. Here Is All the Actual Info We Know so Far About the Show.

Details on the Number of Episodes

Oda, the creator, will be a part of this upcoming series. One Piece live action will consist of 10 episodes in total for the first season. This was revealed on twitter. Fans would expect more episodes but something is better than nothing. We really can’t be picky.

However, there are some things that we do not know right now. For instance, from where will the story be adapted from exactly. It could be from any part. There would be probable theories but the creators have not revealed anything yet. Besides this, no info on the cast has been announced. We hope that the originals might come back for this one too.

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How Is Netflix Involved?

The One Piece live action will be on Netflix. This is because Netflix were the ones who officially helped with everything and will do more in the future. They know that the manga was awesome, fans loved it and they would watch the series.

Oda was the one who made One Piece first. The story of it revolves around Monkey D. Luffy. He is the main character of the show as you might be able to guess.

When Is One Piece Live Action Releasing?

Good news for you all, the first season of the series will be out on June 12th 2020. However, the release is actually for the anime. Netflix announced this some time ago. However, upcoming live action will be out later. The production is still required to happen. But you can be assured that it will happen.

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