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HBO Cancelled the His Dark Materials Season 2 or Renewed It ?? Check Here All the Updates !!

The first season of this show aired on HBO’s official channel in 2019. It received mixed reviews and never really picked off from debacle opening. However it did manage to woo some fans.

Status of His Dark Materials Season 2

First Season of this show made us understand that the plot revolved around Lyra, a young woman living in Oxford.

She is surrounded by teachers who know the secret art to magic and the world of alternate dimensions. People here have pets who are manifested in the form of human soul.

Story begins when Lyra embarks on a journey of self discovery from Oxford to London. She encounters the worst fears in her life including demons and other devilishly powerful creatures from other universe.

Second season will show the meeting between Lyra and Will, which is mentioned in the novel Silent Knife from where the story is adopted. They together would take up the adventure to find the knife placed in the dark tower of angels. Demons and Monstrous animals will stand as hurdles in their way. Story is told from the perspectives of both Lyra and Will and how they develop a relationship of trust.

Initially the team of HBO decided that they will not go for a second season. But the response from the fans enticed them to start filming for a second season. Primary casting has remained the same.

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HBO has confirmed that the show will have a second episode. Plot holes and other intricate details aforementioned were already put forward through various social media handles.
Casting List was also released on the show’s official website. Thus it is guaranteed that the show will air it’s second season sometime soon in future.

When will His Dark Materials Season 2 Air?

The big question now is when the second season of the show will air. No official news is still confirmed by the HBO official team. However news is that the producers are looking for a November 2020 or Mid 2021 window.

Since the release of the show is still some significant period of time away from now, fans will be waiting for now. Some positive light will definitely be shed when the trailer for the show is launched on its official channel worldwide.

Till then keep your fingers crossed and stay updated by tuning to this website.