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Hawkeye Release Date, Plot, and Characters Information

Hawkeye is an upcoming series .It is an American series and one of Marvel’s comics which has  the same title has inspired the show. It is the series for Disney+.Announcement for the series was made in July 2019.

Release date for Hawkeye :

We don’t have any confirmed release date for the show as makers of the show are still quiet ,and have said nothing regarding the release date but we are hoping for the film to release somewhere at the end of 2021.

The show will be focussing and moving around Hawkeye as the name of the series suggests itself ,he will train young avenger Kate bishop .

Casts confirmed for Hawkeye

All Casts are not revealed for the show, there is time for revelation about the  rest of the casts, but two casts are confirmed and they are :

  • Jeremy Renner (Clint Barton)
  • Hailee Steinfield (Kate Bishop)

Rest of the cast have not been  assigned their roles, so we have to wait a while.

What will be the plot of the series?

This series will have a set up after the Avengers: endgame. In the last Avengers movie , It was only in Avengers: Endgame that we got some hints about Hawkeye.

More exploration will be there of Clint Barton’s time. We will see how Clint Barton will train Kate Bishop to become a superhero even without superpowers.

Some rumours are there that this show will give us a kick towards the end of the phase 4 of marvel cinematic universe .

Some important details related to film Hawkeye:

We will not get a bunch of episodes at a single time, rather we will have one episode per week. After this series, Clint Barton will take retirement from MCU and his role will be played by his student Kate bishop. May be Clint Barton will get killed at the end of this series, but still, we are not confirmed about it.

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