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Have You Ever Seen a Bird That Has Male and Female Parts on Either Side?? Here Have a Look at New Discovery by Biologists

What if I tell you there are some rare animals and birds which are both male and female. It doesn’t happen normally very rare species are seen and are all called as Gynandromorphs. Recently a bird was scene who is named as Rose breasted guosbeak which has its right side as male and the left side as female. This was noted that it has Pink breast spot and also a pink wing pit and yellow feathers as the female part. And for the male portion it has black feathers with telltal of Mac.

When was this discovered

It was recently seen on 24 September at powdermill nature reserve and was spotted by Annie Lindsay and her college who was roaming around to look for birds. She’s is the branding program manager. From the very start Annie recognised this bird as Gynandromorph. The similar bird was only seen before than this, which was 15 years back and upto now no other group of birds of this species was found except these 2. After finding this bird the biologists examined it well by measuring the wing sizes and collected the DNA of bird.

How this kind of behavior occur in birds, having both male and female part on either sides

This usually occur due to mutation¬† when two sperm gets fertilised with one ovum as a result two nuclei get formed and a Gynandromorph get formed having one side as male and one side as female. Upto now, there’s no information about sexual began of this bird as what character is play’s more as male or female and how does it breed. This is still a mystery.

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Powermill Asian research Center has only seen 10 cases like this in the last 64 years, you can guess how rare this phenomenon is to make a bird Gynandromorph.