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Have Amazon Prime Planned for Grand Tour Season 5, Details of Release Date Cast and Plot

The sensational Grand Tour will return for a fifth season. Amazon confirmed that they took the decision to renew the show’s contract for 4 more years. This means that the show will have a fifth and sixth season as well.

Grand Tour Season 5 Plot

This reality show is based on automobiles, motorbikes trading uncharted courses. We see cars taking unimaginable risks to evade dangers on the road. A variety of supercars and 1600 cc superbikes are on display. The riders explain their automation qualities, engine clarifications, and nitro working.

Competitions are held where riders have to negotiate the roads. The show is shot in beautiful scenic locations like Cambodia, Vietnam, and Spain. Riders who score the maximum are rewarded for their efforts.

Grand Tour Season 5 Cast

Jeremy Clarkson will return as the most famous judge. His quick wit and sarcastically funny comments make the show such a popular watch. The other two judges will also return for the show.

Grand Tour Season 5 Release Date

Last season aired on Amazon in 2019. The trend shows that one season is released every year. But the exact date of the release is yet not out for public information. The directors have confirmed the participation of 15 teams.

Fans are keeping their fingers crossed over the successful release of the show.

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