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Haunting Of The Bly Manor : Another Masterpiece by Mike Flanagan

Second season of ‘The Haunting of the hill house’ created and directed by Mike Flanagan is coming up on Netflix this year.
The second season will be remotely based on the novel by Henry James named The Turn Of The Screw.

Horror genre of Netflix has it’s fair share of fan base and fans loved The Haunting of The Hill House. It first aired on Netflix on 12th October 2018. The first season has 10 episode. The spooky , scary story has held the place in fans’ heart.

Release date of second season

The second will come up with an new name and probably with the new story too. Second season will be named as The Haunting of The Bly Manor.

Though the date has not been announced yet, official teaser is out. The teaser says , ” The Haunting Continues”. According to the teaser the second season will soon be on air in 2020. Fans are eagerly waiting for another masterpiece by Mike Flanagan.


Nothing has been announced about the plot of the new season yet. There is very little hint about the plot in the teaser. Fans are assuming that with the new name, Mike will come up with a new plotline. Mike Flanagan is surely in limelight since the successful making of The haunting of the hill house for making his stories spooky and engaging to keep his audience wanting for more.
The plot of second season might be based on the book by Henry James – The Turn of The Screw.
The second season’s production started on 30 September 2019.

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What will be the cast of second season?

The cast of the second season will have Henry Thomas, Victoria Pedretti, Oliver Jackson Cohen, Catherine Parker, Rahul Kohli , Benjamin ainsworth, Kate Sigel and Amelie Smith.