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Harvest Moon One World Nintendo Switch Is There Any Updates

Farming Games have always been a major hit among the games on Nintendo Switch. Some gamers have always preferred to play such simulation games based on a real lifestyle. Such open end games enable you to do your own farming, cattle rearing and build your own farmhouse for that purpose.

Harvest Moon has been a true flag bearer in this regard leading the way with its innovative gameplay. Now another version of this franchise named Harvest Moon One World is appearing on Nintendo Switch. Here are some updates about the game.

Harvest Moon One World: What did the CEO of the franchise say?

CEO of the franchise behind the game, Natsume Inc. spoke about the game at length. He said that this year Nintendo will have another version of Harvest Moon. The core essence of the game will be intact with the farming and other simulation activities. But in addition to that, some graphical additions and modifications will be made. This will be done to make the game graphically and aesthetically compatible with the norms of gaming in 2020. This will be a new revelation and experience for the gamers who had previously played the game. They would find the core of the game similar but with many more enhancements to the gameplay.

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Harvest Moon One World: Changes in the Game

To the articles in Nintendo’s life, it was reported that this game would be more of an adventure. It will not be restricted to the old storyline and village only. When the game will start the role-playing character would not have the strawberries and the other farms ready. On the other hand, they would only have an old book to guide them. Makers of the game stated that the game will explore a bigger horizon of opportunities. From the serene beaches of Hola Hola and the snowy mountains, the gaming horizon would spread further. The entire gaming experience would definitely be a cherishing one.

Harvest Moon One World: Other Updates

In this game there would be other updates as well. In contemporary games like Animal Horizon you have to complete the activities of a particular day and take rest for one day. That is to do with the real life gameplay. But in Harvest Moon time passes by once you sleep. Thus the gamers can enjoy more amount of time on the game. More such updates about the release are expected in the coming months.