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Harry Potter RPG: Details About The Spells and Magic Of The Wizarding World

What Is the Speculation About the Game:

As the Harry Potter, RPG video game is about to be released rumours and speculations related to the game are increasing and fans are excited about the magic spells that they will be able to use in the game. The magic that the player would be able to perform through different spells is the most exciting parts of the game.

The game will start sometime in the 1800s at Hogwarts and it’s being speculated that many new spells will be introduced in the game. There will be a new type of character development and you could perform the spell and could also be involved in combat.

Here are the various spell and magic that you could perform in the game:

Summoning Charm:

The summoning charm Accio is the spell which was extensively used in the fourth book of Harry Potter and in the movie series, the Goblet of Fire. It is a spell which was used by Harry in the film to summon his Firebolt flying broom during his encounter with a dragon in the Triwizard Tournament. The spell can prove to be very handy in-game as it can be used in various type of general task and could also be used for combat and exploration.

Levitation Charm:

A spell that is an all-time favourite of harry potter fans because of Hermione’s short pronunciation lesson in Sorcerer’s Stone. Its correct pronunciation was always discussed in the Harry Potter films. The levitation spell wingardium leviosa has been extensively used by Hermoine but the question is how will it be used in the game. It’s possible that it could be used to levitate fellow wizards, or even themselves but these are only speculation and its use is not confirmed yet.

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Expelliarmus Spell:

It is a spell that played a big role in the defeat of Lord Voldemort. It is a spell that can be used in combat in the game as it is a simple disarming charm which has great power in it. It will be helpful in defeating human opponent in the game.

Elemental Spells:

This include spells like Aguamenti and Incendio. Incendio is used to create power whereas Aguamenti is used to summon a jet of water. This spell can be handy in fight against enemies and also it can help in solving many problems while you are exploring areas.


The spell “exploration” is used to bring a bright ball of light and thus helps in illuminating the area in which you are present. It could help in exploring dark nooks and crannies in the game. It can be very handy as Hogwarts has plenty of dark places.