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Harry Potter 8 Is Voldemort Still Alive Let’s Have a Look Store for Her Fans Find out

The dramatic final battle in the movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Shallows Part 2 , where Harry miraculously won against Lord Voldemort still shocks many Potterheads (Harry Potter fandom name). Though we all rejoiced over his victory, we all mourned over the Dark Lord’s demise. But, many fans still think how the Harry gained such enormous magical power to kill strongest Dark Wizard of the magical world. There are many that think that Voldemort is still alive! Many fan fictions have proved that point. What JK Rowling has to say about Voldemort being alive? Read to know more.

Voldemort Is Resting in Peace Forever

Many speculated fan theories and fan fictions suggested that he has transferred his soul in some another dimension. Many also believe that he has created an 8th Horcrux , which he has hidden somewhere in secrecy, which may still be keeping him alive.

But breaking the bad news to the fans, JK Rowling confirmed that the Dark Lord has gone forever and is resting in forever peace. In the last part of the Harry Potter book series, she has disclosed that the last remaining Horcrux has been destroyed and he won’t be coming back.

JK Rowling Next Project in Works

Recently, she updated her fans that she recently finished writing the sequel of the book which is titled as ,The Fantastic Beasts : The Crime of Grindelwald. Now she’s busy writing the screenplay of the movie from the book.

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Other than that, to tackle the quarantine mood at home with people stuck at their homes, she just launched a ‘Harry Potter at Home’, a site where children, parents and elderly can enjoy and involve themselves in fun games, quizzes and information.

The was launched on April 1, 2020 to engage people with their creative sides and cope up with the current crisis that’s happening right now.