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Harris County: Order Issued From Houston Stay Home – Work Safe

Tuesday morning Houston Judge Lina Hidalgo Officially Announced the Order from Houston “Stay Home And work safe”.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the government of every country declaring the lockdown system or the curfew in the country on in their region.

School, offices everything is closed and many events are canceled or delayed due to the coronavirus.

The Houston government also declare to their public to stay in their homes and go outside when you have very important work.

Companies told their employees to work from their home and there is no need to come in offices.

The Houston order ends on the 3rd of April. The order is named “stay home-work safe” and by the name of the order, you easily get the meaning of the order which simply means that you continue your every work from your home and stay from this deadly virus.

As you know that the world is under the dread of coronavirus or Covid 19.

That’s why this thing is happening in Houston.

What is allowed under the Order?

Do not worry about the order these things are allowed in order so that you care about these things and do not worry about these things.

  • Health And Safety¬†
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If you have any emergency related to your health you can go out of your home for the check-up.

All medician and hospital services are open any time so if you think you have an emergency then you can go out.

  • Obtain Necessary Supplies¬†

Do not worry about the product of the daily uses all necessary supplies are available for you also do not stock supplies in your home for advance uses.

  • Walking, Running or Cycling

These things are allowed to do but in a manner, way make sure you maintain a 6 feet distance from others, and do not visit parks, gym or anyplace that the surface you touched.

  • Working for the Business of Government

Under the order, all businesses have closed no loss for anyone their employee can do all the work from the home.

No need to open any office only doctors, nurses and medical service employees are allowed to go work.