Hari Soni – The Perfect example

The famous name in the business world of Hari Soni .He is a perfect example to motivate someone to pursue their dreams .He was very much determined about his career that he even didn’t think once before leaving his professional career to fulfill his dream to become an entrepreneur.

Let’s have some glimpses of his life…

He has completed his education from Rajasthan University.After his studies ,he joined “Genpact” a multinational company .He took the company to the new heights .Everyone was admiring his business skills and dedication towards his work.
He was very much clear about starting his own business but he wanted to explore the business industry so he joined Aircel Ltd and worked there for six years .Even he was honoured as employee of the month or year many times.

Again he joined another company but this time he was completely ready for his dreams and he launched his own company “kishu enterprise” .After this KKHS buildhomes Pvt Ltd &then KKHS media Pvt Ltd .

He was not a kind of person who takes their life decisions in a hurry, that’s why he gave himself a chance to explore the business industry and he worked as an employee for several years so that he can know about the challenges of industry and can be prepared for it in the future .

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He wanted to be his own boss ,not because of any ego or attitude but he always wanted to follow his own decisions and was solely responsible for the things he did.

With years of his hard work,dedication and honesty ,he is now the most successful entrepreneur and has served as an example .He never ran away from the work that he had to do as an employee in the company …he took everything as he is contributing to his own growth ,that’s why he is successful now .