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Happy Valley Scheduled to Leave Netflix in March 2020

British Netflix Original series Happy Valley is currently scheduled to go away Netflix in March 2020. It comes as a variety of so-called Netflix Originals leave the service much to the confusion of the many.

Recap of the series 

Before we enter detail about the series removal from Netflix, let’s first recap the series and absolutely why you ought to be checking it out.

The BBC drama is a few police Sargeant within the UK who gets word of a criminal offence which results in an old case involving her late daughter.

It’s masterfully written and honestly, the best of what British TV has to offer. If you’ve not dived in yet, now is absolutely the time to do so.

The third season of Happy Valley has long been rumoured but has yet to come to fruition with multiple cast members and the writer of the show expressing intent to bring it back.

Why Is Happy Valley Leaving Netflix?

Let’s now head back to the headline. Seasons 1 & 2 of Happy Valley are currently due to expire from Netflix on March 16th, 2020. This is for both the United States and Canada which both brand the show as a Netflix Original.

If the idea of a Netflix Original leaving Netflix is a bit weird, that’s because it is. Netflix Originals generally fall under four categories and within the case of Happy Valley, the series is simply exclusively distributed on Netflix as against being an ingenious production.

When it is leaving?

We’ve only just recently seen another BBC series (labelled as a Netflix Original) scheduled to leave Netflix in the form of the series, River.

March 2020 is due to see some top-tier licensed content leave including some of PBS’s best documentaries and a whole bunch of other reality series also.

Removal dates are subject to vary and intrinsically, should anything change, we’ll update this page to reflect.

Netflix UK, which carries Happy Valley but with the BBC branding rather than Netflix’s doesn’t currently have a removal date. With that said, we are expecting it to leave at some point given the direction of travel of most BBC titles from Netflix.

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