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Happy News for the Fans: Big Mouth Hints the Release of Season 4 on Netflix

Netflix is really focused on bringing joy to the people during quarantine. They are giving us trailers, announcements and so many movies and shows. There is more good news for everyone. The popular adult comedy show is coming back.

However, it won’t be back for just one season, it could be coming for more seasons. Big Mouth is pretty popular right now and people seem to really like animated adult shows. After 3 successful seasons, Big Mouth season 4 is happening.

A bit about the show

The show gives us looksie through teenagers going through their life in the funniest way. We get to see ourselves in them but a bit funnier. We get to experience the problems as we get older and all the feelings that come with it. The show has a lot of adult stuff. However, that clearly means it is entertaining and fun to watch. Big Mouth was made by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg. Even this previous line seems a bit dirty.

Cast for Big Mouth

Okay, regarding the cast for the fourth season, we have no news. Nothing has been announced so far by the creators or the channel. However, we also do not know if anyone has left the show. Netflix will start giving us hints soon, I guess.

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However, some reports suggest that there will be some changes in the story. We might get to see some more things in the upcoming season but we do not know what they will be. The main characters will be back. For instance, Jason Mantzoukas, Jordan Peele and Nick Kroll will be back. Along with them, we will hear Maya Rudolph, Jenny Slate and Richard K.

When is Big Mouth season 4 releasing?

Since, it has been confirmed that we will get to season four, we know that it will be released soon. However, there is more to this. There is also an announcement that there will be a fifth and sixth season. Netflix confirmed that after season four is released, they will start preparing for the fifth season followed by the sixth. The fourth season will be released in September 2020. Till then, you can watch the seasons which are already released.

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