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Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome: Man dies in china after testing positive

A new virus named hantavirus has taken birth in china.People of China have not even recovered from covid-19 ,a new disease attacked them.

A man from the Yunnan city of China is tested positive for the new virus Hantavirus.It is also proving it deadly.His death was unpredictable ,while he was on his way to work on a bus.

How many people have been infected from Hantavirus?

The virus had infected 32 more people ,as these people tested positive for Hantavirus.If not taken precautionary measures then it can infect a major community from its plague.

After hearing the news of Hantavirus ,people from China are in panic and depression .They are not ready to tackle the new virus.

How does it spread?

But as we all know that coronavirus spreads in air but Hantavirus does not spread in air .It spreads when the people come in contact with mammals namely rodents who carry this virus.

Even a healthy individual is probable to catch this deadly virus as soon as he will come in contact with the rodents.This is actually a hantavirus pulmonary syndrome(HPS).

However unlike the covid-19 it does not spread through human contacts .It spreads only when someone touches himself after having contact with the rodent’s urine,or any of its material.

Symptoms of Hantavirus-

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain 
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Chills

Symptoms at later stage 

  • Lungs filled with breath
  • Shortness of breath

Any cure available for the virus?

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Scientists and doctors are working on finding a solution for this disease.And hopefully they will find it as early as possible.people of China  are trying their level best to fight with this newly born disease.

They should not lose their patience ,they should follow some precautionary measures to overcome this disease.Panic has created his home all around china.Serious is very critical there,after a very huge loss of population due to covid-19 they have come across this new disease.

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