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Hanna Will Return With A More Action Filled Season!

In Hanna, the series made out of the movie, the actor Esme Creed-Miles has the titular role. Joel Kinnaman plays her father, Erik. Hanna was born to be a genetically heightened super soldier as part of a CIA program. Erik takes her away from the program after the request of her mother to keep her away all this. After training Hanna in combat and survival tactics for many years, Erik attempts to make Hanna independent by bringing her to a new life which creates conflicts between them and their handler CIA agents.

Hanna is also a coming-of-age drama about teen rebellion, as Hanna escapes, we can see her trying to disappear into the life of a normal teenager. She goes to London and with Sophie played by actor Rhianne Barreto, a friend she makes while she was on the run in Morocco tries to have a normal Life.


Amazon officially renewed Hanna for season 2 just two weeks after season 1’s release. Amazon is known for giving speedy renewals to its hit series


In September 2019, the show confirmed five new cast additions for season 2 of Hanna. Dermot Mulroney is set to play John Carmichael, meanwhile Anthony Welsh will portray Leo Garner, a member of Carmichael’s Utrax operations, Cherelle Skeete is set to play Terri Miller, a CIA officer joining the Utrax program in a vital role. Also, Severine Howell-Meri and Gianna Kiehl are onboard as new Utrax trainees Helen and Jules.

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The cast gives us an overall expectation to expect a complete action filled season 2.


Towards the end of season 1, we see Hanna learn about and meet the dozens of other genetically modified super soldiers of the Utrax program. We can expect a season 2 conflict between Hanna and her fellow Super soldiers. Hanna becomes an orphan after the death of her Father and is forced to make her own way in the world. She continues to be a target of the CIA.

It’s also possible Sophie and her family return in season 2 to continue Hanna’s education into teenage life.


Hanna season 2 is slated to premiere on Amazon in 2020. Though the exact date is not confirmed. The wait may be short because the whole crew and cast is in place. All going well, we might get a new action-filled season by mid-2020.