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Hanna Season 2 !

Amazon’s web series Hanna is based on the movie of same name released in 2011. Hanna is an Action drama series. The series is written and created by David Farr. Sarah Adina Smith has directed the series.


Esme Creed – Miles played Hanna.
Mireille Enos played Marrisa Wiegler. Erik Heller was played by Joel Kinnaman while Noah Taylor played Dr. Ronald Kunek

Season one

Series adaption of movie ‘ Hanna’ was announced in May 2017. First trailer of the season one released on 4th January,2019. Second trailer of first season released on January 30,2019. First season consists of 8 episodes.

What Is Hanna about ?

Hanna is a action drama story featuring a super soldier baby . Hanna is born as Super soldier via UTRAX Programme of CIA. Erik who fell in love with Hanna’s mother , steals Hanna away and Hides into forest of Romania.
He trains Hanna all the techniques about combatting and survival for 15 years. Marrisa the CIA agent is set out to hunt down all the genetically enhanced babies and the show is about Hanna’s self rescue.

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Is there going to be season two of Hanna ?

After two weeks of the release of first season, Amazon officially announced the renewal of second season. Amazon usually is recognized for it’s speedy renewal of the shows.

Release date of Hanna Season 2

Though the official release date has not been announced by amazon, show might air sometime in 2020. We have to wait for the official announcement to say anything to confirm.

Story of Hanna season 2

The series has taken the over the movie in the season one itself. Hanna has already exploring her horizon and has met her friend,Sophie on the way to Morocco. We might get to see Sophie and her family in season 2. Also we might get to see the conflict between Hanna and her sisters ( another genetically enhanced super soldier babies) in season 2.

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