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Hanna Season 2 Do We Have Release Date! Here Are the Updates for You

Hanna an action packed tv series lunched in 2019 in Amazon prime. This series is kind of based on the film with the same name which stars Eric Bana. The story of the series is quite interesting and thrilling people who have watched the movie will the know the of level thrill and excitement the story holds.

Though the film released long back but still the series has more fan followings. Till now the series has aired only one season and season two is on its way as fans for this series is rising and people who have watched it were eagerly waiting for season two to come.

Hanna Season 2 : Release and Updates

The renewal of season two was decided way back in 2019 itself when season one was released, as the platform where this series is aired is well known for its first renewal policy and because of that fans didn’t have to wait much longer for information related to season two.

Till now the exact release date has not been revealed by Amazon however is sure that somewhere in 2020 season two will be premier however due to the issue of Cornono virus there is high chance that the release date might get postponed so fans can expect this series to come somewhere late 2020 or probably 2021.

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Hanna Season 2 : Plot and Casting

As season one ended with Erik being wounded and Hanna on run season two will probably focus on Hanna’s sister and how they progress as trainees within the program and this will for sure ignite the interest of the viewers for the show another thing which fans are eagerly waiting for is to know the fate of Marissa.

Few character for sure will return is season two like the main character Hanna, Marissa will also return as fans are already excited to know her fate. However, the return of few character is very doubtful like Jerome Slayer might not return in season two similarly the return of Erik is also very doubtful.

With all this available information one thing is sure that this season is going to be more thrilling and exciting .