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Hanger 13 Is Hired by Mafia 3rd for Developing a New Ip!!!

Hanger 13 is an American game developing company that is based in Novato, California, but the exciting part is it placed in the area of the former Hamilton Air Force Base. The company is established with 2K( Take-Two Interactive ) in 2014, created by Haden Blackman. December 4, 2014, 2K created a separate game studio Hanger 13, that led by Haden Blackman and directed by LucasArts. Mafia III is an action-adventure video game developed by Hanger 13, released in 2016. It is a third-person, single-player game.

The story of the game is In 1968, Lincoln Clay (Main Character ) returns to Bordeaux( American city), after his service on the Vietnam War. He united his family and friends and who he lived with in the past, including his surrogate father, his priest father, his gangster brother.

Then he decided to stay behind his dad and help him to deal with rival Haitian Mob. After this, criminals killed Sammy and leave Ellis( brother) and Lincoln for dead. After rescued by James, Lincoln, decided to take revenge against the Marcano family. That’s how the story developed with new action and adventure.

What’s all about hiring a new IP?

After a few months ago, a rumor spread that Hanger 13 is recreating the Mafia II, along with a new name Mafia II remastered and Mafia IIII. But recently, the developer confirmed that they were searching and hiring for a new IP. In Hanger 13’s official website, they posted that the developer was searching for me producer for their new IP later they mentioned in the description that they are building AAA open-world games. But after releasing Mafia III, the whole plan was delayed. The official release of new games is dropped off. But there’s a slight hope that if Hanger 13 working on their new IP, then it would happen, the new game will release.

Despite the brilliant story, graphics Mafia III was blamed for level design and technical issues. They said that they would work on it and solve the problems and issues in the game. But they also assured that they would release a sequel, a sequel with much more improvement of graphics, gameplay, and story. However, the rumors of IP doesn’t deny that Mafia IIII and Mafia II is happening. Despite the bad reviews of Mafia III, this game earned money that can help to create and release the new game and solve their mistakes.

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Until Then, Stay Tuned.