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Halo Infinite Premiere Date, Trailer, Development and Check All Other Updates Here

During the Microsoft presentation at E3 2018, they announced another addition to the Halo franchise. It is called ‘Halo Infinite’. The game is being built on Slipspace engine. The game was announced with a pretty mysterious teaser trailer. It did not really tell the fans as to what they should expect. However, some reports show that the gameplay and features will have a Halo ring. Master Chief seems to have a new helmet too. 🙂

When is Halo Infinite releasing?

The game is supposed to be released in Holiday 2020. It has been officially confirmed. The exact release date has not been officially announced yet.

It has been three years since the last Halo game released. The upcoming game is very much required for Microsoft ever since Sony has started doing better than its competitors. After they released titles such, God of War, Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, it really put them ahead. One consistently selling game released on Xbox One is Forza.

Production status

Halo Infinite is currently in under development and polishing at 343 industries. The game runs on brand new engine. Chris Lee, the studio director stated that the developers are very ambitious. They want to take this ambition to make the upcoming Halo game perfect. He also said that the new Slipspace engine may also support the Halo series for nearly ten more years.

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There were some for confirmation saying that the trailer for the new game was really the opening scene from the game itself. We saw Master Chief in the trailer. No gameplay footage has been released yet. There will be more updates in the coming weeks. This new game is also the launch title for…Xbox Scarlett. However, this will also be out for Xbox One and the other consoles. The new Halo will also so be available on PC.

Trailer for Halo 6

After gaining a huge fanbase, Halo series is back with other addition to it. Besides that, the head of the series said that this would be one of Master Chief’s greatest adventures.

However, we seriously hope that the game’s production is not seriously affected due to the ongoing pandemic. The game’s development must be going on right now.

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