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Halo 6 Infinite Release Date and All the Information We Have

Halo is about a most successful first person shooter .It has managed to attract all the gamers from everywhere towards itself.The sixth part of the series : the halo infinite has been announced.

Developer of the halo infinite is 343 industries ,it’s publisher is microsoft studios and it’s format will be Xbox Xbox Series X.

Will the Coronavirus Situation Affect the Release Date of Halo Infinite?

343 industries has revealed that the current global situation will not affect the release date,it’s still in progress and there are chances that it’s release date may be in winters of 2020 ,and we can get gift of release of halo infinite at Christmas .But any official release date has not been announced till now.

Get to Know About Some of the Interesting Features of Halo Infinite-

One of the speciallity of halo games is its split screen ,many users are fond of it and they are attracted towards the game due to its feature of split screen multiplayer.

This halo infinite is not coming only for Xbox one but is will be for pc one also .Both will be able to play halo infinite .The main feature of halo 3 was its forge mode and we got to know from sources that the forge mode will be available in halo infinite also .This forge mode allows the users to create their own multiplayer games and the maps on which they are going to play it.

We can predict from the E3 2019 trailer that the master chief will be the hero of halo infiniteĀ  and Cortana is expected to be the villain of halo infinite.

Halo infinite will also feature armour customisation .This feature of halo infinite will make it more interesting for the players to play .

343 industries have confirmed about the battle rifle mode ,they said that there will be only battle rifles mode but no battle royale mode.Right now they are not going forĀ  battle royal mode though it is very popular among the populars.

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