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Halo 2 Release Time, Anniversary and When Does It Come to PC ?

Weren’t we all excited about the release! When it comes to games, there is no age group. We all enjoy it the same way. 

The Developer 343 had officially announced a few things regarding this game. Lets check them out. 

Halo 2 : Release Date and Time

Finally, We are totally given a confirmed date and time about its release. Since l, the anniversary is this week, its going to be a great week for them as well. 

Again, Not only is their anniversary, but the release of HALO 2 too! Good for them! The video game launched yesterday on May 12th of 2020 And there was an official time too. The game was given out during 8 PM PT, 11 PM ET, 4 AM BST (May 13), 

1 PM AET (May 13). It was launched through the Master Chief Collections. 

Halo 2 : Are There Any Bugs?

Microsoft delayed the release due to the present bandwidth problems accross the world. This was announced via Twitter. 

However, there are some bugs out there too. Xbox one is soon to be given an update on the game. The issues are too significant to be avoided. 

The Developer 343 reported a few issues such as delayed audio to the subtitles, missing gun sounds when using some weapons such as Scarab skull and so on. 

Lastly, If you really wanna checkout an entire list of issues, you can visit the 343 site. The link is given below. 

This is however the third game to be on PC via the Master Chief Collection. They are gonna end it with Halo 4. 

However, the Xbox game pass subscribers on PC and Xbox One have the master chief collection completely free. 

Here Are a Few Listed Issues:

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  1. Audio from the game while watching end video
  2. Non syncing audio titles
  3. Subtitles absent in some parts
  4. End videos have the default language as English only
  5. Flickering textures
  6. Blurry cinematics
  7. Low resolution
  8. Missing sounds of gunfire

Halo 2 : Anniversary

  1. Pixelatiom to be noted in the cinematics
  2. Map lighting issuesLower performance during actual gaming
  3. Missing audios while reloadingLow quality graphics
  4. Inconsistent lighting

Halo 2

  1. No notification while having a voice chat
  2. Less volumed music mix
  3. Sun issues

The Entire List Is Available on Their Official Website