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Half Life 3 Confirmed or Cancelled, Rumors and All the News Update

Valve Gaming struck a jackpot a decade ago when they launched Counter Strike. This amazing multiplayer RPG became a global sensation. With four teams segmented players can choose between them. Then there would be a deathmatch of 10 rounds. Team with the highest number of kills is declared the winner. Counter Strike and it’s further updates took online gaming stream to a whole new level altogether. After this there came the epic strategy game DOTA. This again was massively successful and became an overnight sensation.

Along with these two Valve Gaming also released Half Life. Formatted in the same way as Counter Strike, it had more definitive gameplay. Two installments of Half Life have released and that too the last one being in 2007. It’s been 13 years since we have heard any news about a sequel.

Half Life 3: Confirmed or Cancelled?

Half Life Part 2 released in 2007. Thereafter many efforts were made to release a sequel to the game. But none of those efforts could actually materialize till now. In 2020 news was heard that Half Life Alyx will be released. It will not necessarily be a sequel but can be considered the third part of the game. However no news can still be confirmed as the essential game developments are still underway. At this stage it is very difficult to say whether it is confirmed or cancelled. But it is safe to say that Half Life Alyx might be released after the finishing touches are finished.

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Half Life 3: About the Game

Half Life was launched as a perfect foil for Counter Strike. Premise for the game basically consisted of action genre. Here a group of rogue warriors were assigned by a secret agency. They had to travel to an unknown planet and rescue it from alien attack. Vicious alien bosses were also seen during the gameplay. At a time when such genres was unheard of, Half Life truly was an ecstatic piece of art.

Half Life 3: Release Date

No particular release window is still set for the game. Questions about when the game can be released will only arise after the completion of the post launch activities. However a beta version of this game is on the cards sometime soon in 2021.