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Gwen Stefani’s Son Zuma Feel Pain About the Unfortunate Accident

Gwen Stefani, a singer who is also an adorable and young mum of three sons. She shares all her children with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. In a recent interview with Haute’s TV on their YouTube channel, she has talked about one of her sons.

Stefani’s middle child, Zuma who is apparently just 11 years old has broken his arm during this lockdown. She revealed the accident that her pre-teen had to go through. Zuma, unfortunately, broke his arm on his bike and also got five stitches on his leg.

Just being six weeks into the lockdown, this incident happened and has been really painful for her son. She revealed all of this while talking about the importance of health. Also, in a few weeks when his right arm got a little bt healed, he broke his left arm too. She put much emphasis on the importance of health. She also talked about how negligent people become regarding their health and completely ignore it sometimes.

However, Gwen’s ex-husband Gavin also praised his son for being very brave and called him the toughest of all of his kids. All three children have spent most of the time in Oklahoma during the lockdown period. They were with Gwen and her boyfriend Blake Shelton. Gavin also admitted that it has been hard on him because of the lockdown that he has to be far from his children. Its been so long since he has met his children.

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Although, he spent the starting of two weeks with them before they moved to Oklahoma. He also shared his experience with the divorce and how tough it is to be a divorced parent. Mostly he has been away from them for not more than 5 days but now this has been a really long time. He admits how much he misses his kids and wants to spend more time with them.
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