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GTA 6: Gameplay, When You Will Play On Ps4 Check Here All Details About The Game

The meaning of the GTA is grand theft auto; it is a game of the type of action, adventure.

The developers of the game are Rockstar North, Digital Eclipse, Rockstar Leeds and the creators are David Jones and Mike Daily.

The game has many different series and the cities in the games are fictional that is liberty city, san Andrea and vice city.

The gameplay of the game is that the player of the game chooses different mission and then complete them to gain some powers and unlock some modes.

There are many different platforms on which you can play the GTA series.

When GTA 6 Is Going to Release?

As everyone loves to play the grand theft auto and enjoying every series of the game, the creators and every team member of the GTA family wants to release the 6 part of the series.

But the official date has not been confirming or release by them, but as it is expected that it is going to release in 2021 or in late 2020.

It is confirmed after the announcement of the creators about it.

What about the New Features of GTA 6?

People are expecting many new things about the GTA 6 as these all are expected from the GTA 5 but it does not have all these features so now it is expected from the GTA 6-:

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Female player

As there is the main character is not female in any part of the series so no everyone is expecting is the female main character.

New place

After exploring many countries in the game now everyone wants to see a new city

New Missions

After completing all previous mission, everyone now wants’ more new and exciting missions

Back to 1970

Many people are also expecting the 1970 time back in the game.

The Gameplay of The GTA 6

As there is no announcement about the gameplay but there are many things which you can expect from GTA 6.

The player is the criminal in the game and completes many missions. The missions increase the progress in the game.

The platform of the ps4 has not been declared yet it is interesting to see we can play the GTA 6 on ps4 or need a new platform for it.