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GTA 6 Game Play, Will It Come on PS 4 and PS 5 Updates Here ?

GTA 6 is going to be the newest game which is going to be mainstream very soon as announced by Rockstar Games.

The GTA series has remained always on the top on the list of RPG games, which counts for all the excitement around this game.

GTA 6 : What’s Really Going to Happen??

There was a hoax regarding the release date of the gaming series, some people claimed that the series is going to be out on 25th March which really never happened.

Still, People haven’t stopped talking about the gaming series and apps like Reddit and others haven’t stopped discussing the upcoming gaming series.

The only thing which anyone can say for sure that the game is in production which means the game is coming our way soon.

But, there is no solid proof that if there is actually the game is coming our way or not.

The people are claiming that the actor Jorge Consejo might know most of the part of the game as he plays the part of “The Mexican” but Jorge has avoided all the questions and saying “I really appreciate you guys for being concerned about the game and the love for it but, I just can’t tell anything regarding it right now.”

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GTA 6 : What’s Waiting for the Gamers??

This symbolises that there is something bigger and better is waiting for us and with that, It’s confirmed that the game is going to be set up in the 1970s and 1980s and it’s going to take us to cities like Rio De Janeiro and Vice City.

The series is going to be built especially for PS5 and Xbox series which could be bad news for the people who don’t own it. Other than fans really want to have the game in London as it was quite a hit last time when they used it.

Like last time when it was set up in London in the 1990s, it made us not only love it but also made sure that the game etched its place in our hearts.