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‘Grim Sleeper’ a American Serial Killer found dead in prison cell this Saturday!

Lonnie Franklin also known as Grim sleeper was found dead at the age of 67 in the San Quentin State Prison on this saturday. According to the reports of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Lonnie was discovered unresponsive in the cell.


He was pronounced dead on March 28,2020 by the California Department of Corrections. The reason or the cause of his death is still not known and his body is given for the process of autopsy. Though according to the official report, there were no signs of trauma on the body. 


Serial Killer Lonnie Franklin was given the name ‘Grim Sleeper’ and he was also known as ‘Southside slayer’ and ‘25 Auto Killer’.

He was convicted for the murders he caused in between 1985 to 2007. He was given the name grim sleeper due to his 12 years long inactivity in the crimes. He worked as City Trash Collector and served as a garbage attendant at LAPD station. 


Police were unable to find the DNA match with the DNA samples found on the crime scenes for years until they found a match with LOnnie’s son. This led the department to Lonnie. He was put under 24 hours surveillance. An underground investigator followed him to the place where he ate pizza and pretended as his waiter to attain the DNA samples from the pizza crusts left behind by him.


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In  July 2010, he was arrested and on 10th august 2016 he was convicted for 10 murders including 9 women and a teenage girl along with one attempt to murder. He was sentenced to death. Police had found photos and videos of 180 women in the raid of his house after his arrest.  He was also convicted for rape and sexual violence including gangrape.