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Grim News for Last of Us Part 2: Delayed by Sony, Learn About the Disclosed Plot of the Survival Game

Video games form a large source of entertainment and cheer for a lot of teenagers. Some of them develop an emotional affinity with gaming. Video games like Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield and Crisis has won many hearts over and over again. Electronic Arts and Gameloft have been some of the greatest game developers in recent times. The digital giant Sony, too decided to venture into the gaming world. It did so with its breakout game called the Last of Us.

First installment of the game was greeted with widespread acclaim. Graphics and gameplay of the same was very appreciated among the lot of teenagers. People since then had been expecting a sequel to the original version.

Last of Us Part 2: What Led to the Delay?

Sequel was supposed to release in February 2020. However, there was a big controversy which aroused. After the claim that the game had been developed, there was an issue with the spoilers. Some crunch moments from the game, including walkthroughs and the end appeared online. This led to a massive resentment among the production house members. Fans were also enraged after such a shameful incident.

Developers claimed that it was done by an angry employee of Naughty Boy. It is a company that was associated with the Sony Network while developing the game. Reports said that he was unsatisfied about a matter of severance pay delay in by the company. Thus he leaked the important details of the game on the internet.

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Last of Us Part 2: Plot

Second installment’s storyline revolved around the journey of a truck driver and a young woman, who journey roads in USA. Setting of the game is in a post apocalyptic world, where the country has been ravaged by an infection. Premise of the game bears stark resemblance to the current situation in USA. People are in complete disarray after the Coronavirus has undone all their dreams and ambitions. United States has emerged as one of the worst affected countries in the entire world.

Last of Us Part 2: When will the game release?

Due to Coronavirus situation, every other activity in the world has come to a standstill. Thus the February release has automatically delayed to June 2020. Dates are however completely tentative since it can only be determined after the current crisis is resolved.