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Greenhouse Academy Season 4 Cast, Release Date, Plot, and Will Hayley’s Death Mystery Finally Resolved ??

Netflix may be best known for its big-budget drama series such as Stranger Things, Sacred Games, and The Witcher but it’s always worth remembering that there’s a lot more underrated and unwatched content flowing away on Netflix.
Such is the story of the web-series “Greenhouse Academy”

One of the most fan-favorite feature “Greenhouse Academy” which hit our screens back in October 2019 has left the viewers to go nuts on the frustrating cliffhanger about characters Hayley and Theo for months.

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How longer I would have to wait to watch Greenhouse Academy Season 4?

Dear Netflix subscribers, no more bitting nails in the wait for Greenhouse Academy Season 4.
Grab your popcorn and start streaming, Greenhouse academy Season 4 has already been on the air since 20th March 2020.

Netflix Original Greenhouse Academy which ran for 24 episodes ( 3 seasons ) set the expectations flying for both viewers and critics concerning the upcoming season. To the surprise, it did manage to impress the critics and there were also mentions by the audience considering it to be a first-class rollercoaster drama experience.

Greenhouse Academy Season 4 cast: All you need to know

The returning cast of season 4 includes –

⦁ Finn Roberts as Haley’s brother Alex Woods
⦁ Chris O’ Neal as Daniel Hayward
⦁ Cinthya Carmona as Sophie Cardona
⦁ Benjamin Papac as Max Mille
⦁ BJ Mitchell as Parker Grant
⦁ Parker Stevenson as Louis Osmond
⦁ Nadine Ellis as Judy Hayward
⦁ Rafael Cebrian as Enzo.
⦁ Ishai Golan and Selina Giles are playing Hayley and Alex’s parents, FBI Agent Carter Woods and Ryan Woods, respectively.

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Greenhouse Academy Season 4 plot: Is Hayley fortunate enough to survive?

As already Netflix press release mentioned, ” In Season 4, the students of Greenhouse deal with the aftermath of an explosive sequence of events”.
Sounds already exciting right!!!

Like many other thrilling drama web-series, Season 3 of Greenhouse Academy also ends on an intense cliffhanger. In the finale episode, we saw Hayley stepping up on a planted bomb which has the potential to go off, the second she lifts her leg. Hayley asks Theo to run for his life, who is also present with her at that moment. He initially hiccups but later reluctantly runs off from there hoping that Hayley would copy him behind, and she does, but the bomb goes off no sooner leaving Hayley trapped. On the other side, Theo also gets poisoned by that explosion leaving his life also unpredictable.

Season 4 picks up right from where Season 3 has left goosebumps to everyone. After leaving the viewers to an image of what’s next, this season unveils about the hanging lives of Theo and Hayley after the explosion. All the questions will be answered here: ” Whether his fellow students will arrive on time to rescue him?”, “Is Hayley going to come out alive?”, and whatnot.

As far as Season 4 is concerned, it also brought some improvements in Becca’s story and learnings about Sophie’s dark past which takes interesting leads in the future.

For a sneak peek of the Greenhouse Academy Season 4, visit the official Instagram handle “thegreenhouseacademy”

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