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Grandma Shantabai Panwar a “Warrior” Video Got Viral on Social Meda After Rithesh Deshmukh Shares It on Reel

Social media has been the most preferred platform for social fame. While some of them have utilized it in a negative manner. Some though have taken the advantage of it and used it as a perfect messages about social awareness. It has also been used as a platform to keep people updated on the latest updates in the world of show business, sports and communications. Recently there has been a tweet made by Bollywood Actor Ritesh Deshmukh. The video has taken everyone by surprise and has earned praise from all social circles.

What did Riteish Deshmukh tweet?

Riteish Deshmukh took to Twitter to post a video of the Shantabai Panwar in Maharashtra. Shantabai is no ordinary lady. A woman well into her 80’s, she is extremely skilled at all forms of martial arts and is an incredibly acrobatic lady. In the video, she is seen performing stunts with a kendo stick in hand. She is moving the stick in a variety of directions in all the possible martial arts like direction and has drawn the attention of the crowd through her actions.

How Did Riteish Deshmukh Find the Video?

The video was pre-recorded by someone who was close to the scene. Deshmukh had found the video on his social media feeds. When he saw it, he was absolutely awestruck and he reposted the video on Twitter. In the caption part, he mentioned Shantabai Panwar as a warrior who had the zeal and the ability to fight on even if life has its own way of delivering blows. He told everyone to take inspiration from her in her fight for survival.

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Reactions to the video

The video was highly praised from all quarters and social circles. Many of them appreciated Deshmukh for finding the time to post such a beautiful thing on social media. Many of his fellow Bollywood co stars also appreciated the video and was gushing in praise of Shantabai Panwar. They saluted her vigor and determination to deny the odds and fight towards a sustainable life free from all sorts of social stigma and dogmatism.