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Grand Theft Auto V Completes It’s Marvellous 7 Years

As far as I can remember my childhood, the game that most stuck to my memories would be playing GTA on my computer back in 2007. At that time, my utmost top game would be GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. Rockstar games were my escape to a different world. The open – world concept of the game was amusing for my eyes to see. Here I could do anything, from stealing cars, chasing away from police, buying my own bungalow at the age of 13, that experience was just something else.

Coming all the way to 2013, there was a game on the counter of a game store. GTA Auto V. I thought to myself what we’re Rockstar thinking of releasing such a game. I mean how could it ever top the OGs. It will surely fail. And mind you, I never even played it. Just read the game description at the back of the cover.

Then , that moment came when I got my hands at the game. I am going to be honest with you. The game was wearing on me, not at the first try, but eventually as the time goes on. Maybe I was reliving my childhood through this game. And at first, I didn’t liked how we can switch through from 3 different characters. I thought that this the worst thing or feature of this game. Who would have thought that this would the game’s highlighted key feature.

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The open world of Los Santos couldn’t really grab that much of my attention. And the leading characters of this game, Michael ,Franklin and Trevor show no signs of growth as characters. There is no as such antagonist in this game.

It’s been 7 years of this game and recently it has received the Xbox pass. All these 7 years of the game were quite delightful. The three different character and the option to switch between them is what I still live for.