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Grab Free Membership for a Whole Month of Hulu Bundle During Lockdown

Hulu has been doing quite well for itself. They are helping lot a of people to get through the quarantine situation right now. Along with Amazon Prime and Netflix, they have also given people entertainment during quarantine. Hulu are offering a month of free membership. Below you will find details on them.

What is Hulu?

You might have an idea as to what it is or maybe you don’t know anything about it at all. Well, it is basically like Netflix. It is an entertainment platform which provides people something to watch. The platform has many tv shows and movies. It was founded on October 29th 2007. The major share is owned by Walt Disney Company. Comcast is a silent partner. They launched their streaming service in 2010 and are available in US and Japan.

TV Series and Hulu Originals

There are a lot of shows and movies available on their platform. We cannot tell you all of them as it is a pretty long list. Here are some of them.

Tv Series:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Modern Family, Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, Vikings, Homeland, The Wire, and many more.

Some of their originals:

Runways, Casual, Future Man, Shut Eye, The Handmaid’s Tale, and many more.

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Their Free Membership Offer

Right now, there is not much going out. We all are stuck at home and continuously getting bored. So, Hulu has come up with a free month subscription. Besides that, they also offer many variations of plans which offer more features. Some plans have ads while some don’t. There is also a seven day trial for those who are not sure to buy the membership.

The thing is that after the seven days trial is over, you will have to pay $54.99 a month. However, it will only happen after the trial is over. Besides that, if you require more features such has having Disney Plus, it could be done. This feature will be added and you will be charged $12.99 a month. However, there is one issue for many people. That is, if you are not from US or Japan, you will have to use VPN in order to get the streaming platform.

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