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Govt. Ned Lamont Mandates the Use of Face Masks in Public

As we are well aware of this global pandemic coronavirus. It has lead to several deaths all over the World. Due to this, Gov. Ned Lamont places an order for face masks in public. This is because the count of deaths top 1000 in Connecticut.

What’s Lamont’s Reaction to This Tragedy ?

On Friday, Gov. Ned Lamont gave an announcement that people must be wearing face masks if social distancing cannot be maintained. Lamont said that it’s a really very tragic day. He also said that the city of Connecticut lost 1000 family members due to coronavirus. He also took pause between his speech as a moment of silence to remember those people who lost their precious lives.

There’s so much of sadness all over the State. The state confirms its 16809 cases. Along with this, 925 cases were added to the statistics this Friday. The count of deaths raised from 65 to 1036 and from 20 people hospitalized, it reached to 1946.

Lamont told in his speech that his order is based on common sense. People must execute it themselves. People should be covering their mouth and nose with mask in order to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

Gov. Lamont Provides Optimism

Along with this heart breaking news, he also provided something good to the people of Connecticut. He said that the average day to day change in hospitalizations came down from 120 to 60 on an average now and this is a very good news. He said that regular precautions and awareness can save the country from this pandemic.

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There Are Some Exceptions to City’s Order

The order isn’t supposed to executed by everybody in the city, there are few exceptions. If covering face with mask harms somebody’s safety due to pre existing disease,then that person isn’t required to wear mask on his face. They also would not be asked for proof if found in public without wearing masks.

Exceptions also include guardians of children who are of the age of 2 years old. Also, children in daycare are also an exception to this order.