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Gossip Girl Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Story and When It Will Be Available on Netflix ?

Gossip Girl is a teen drama that first aired in September 2007. Are the rumors of its renewal true? Yes, but it’s not renewing for another season rather it’s getting a reboot with a whole new cast. It is surely going to make all the past fans nostalgic. And why shouldn’t it? 

The popularity of the show was huge back then which resulted in its seven seasons consisting of 121 episodes in total.

When Will the Reboot Be Released?

The reboot will stream on HBO Max, which launches worldwide on 27th May 2020. No official details regarding the release date have been released as of now. 

Who Are the Cast Members for the Reboot?

Emily Alyn Lind will play the protagonist of the much-anticipated reboot. The other cast members include the likes of Eli Brown, Whitney Peak, Jason Gotay, and Johnathan Fernandez. Any additional details concerning the characters are still unknown. 

 Taking the narrator’s charge we will see Christen Bell who was the original narrator of the show. Some of the original cast members might also return to the reboot of the show. The creators have confirmed that this time there will be more diversity in the show, unlike the original one which consisted of white characters.

How Many Episodes We’ll Get?

HBO has asked for a 10 episode long season for its reboot, which could be renewed for further seasons if it gets positive reviews from the viewers. There are a whole lot of young talents present in the show. One could only wish that the storyline be great so the viewers will stay hooked during the entire season.  

Meanwhile, while we wait for the reboot to release, the original series will be removed from Netflix. The original writer of the show, Safran also reported some twists in the main storyline of the reboot. There’s a greater chance that it will differ from the original series as the plot will be set in the present.

It would be exciting to see what the reboot has to bring after the original series was aired some eight years ago now. 

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