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Google Why Shutting Down It’s ‘Neighbor’ App

Search Engine Behemoth Google is shutting down an experimental app. ‘Neighbourly’ was introduced by Google early last year in order to improve GPS experience.

Reason behind Google shutting down the Neighbourly

Google launched this app on an experimental basis. It was done in order to locate areas in the neighborhood.

This would help in identifying significant locations like shops, restaurant and other important places. The app was first launched in Mumbai.

It was unable to live up to its billing. People preferred Google Maps over it in order to find proper location.

Due to its decreased outreach the company decided to scrap the application. Facebook on the other hand generated a same type of app to locate Corona hotspots nearby.

Another failed experiment by Google would add to its discomfort. Effort was made to establish it in other cities as well. But the effort was vain.

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