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Google unveils its spam protection feature for text messages

Earlier in the previous week, following almost six months of developing its very own spam protection feature for messages, Google announced the launch of the service for its Android users.

As per reported by the Android Police back on Friday, 30th December 2018, the spam protection feature is now up and running, however not every user has it just yet.

Users who received the update reported that they witnessed a prompt called “New! Spam protection” after opening messages.

As per the report published by a source close to the matter, “The change appears to be server-side and in a limited rollout for the time being, as other devices we have tested, that includes my own personal one, does not have it just yet. Once it hits an individual’s device, they shall see a notification similar to that above when launching Messages.”

Additionally, it was also reported that users can opt to disable the feature in the settings and in the Advance menu after its introduction.

According to Google, it stated that “Data about spam messages is targeted towards improving its ability to detect future spam for users.”

The search engine giant further maintained its stance that Messages is its primary communication solution for its users.

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Additionally back in the previous week, Google made an announcement stating that it would be shifting its Messaging web app (that permits users to manage SMS/MMS messages on their phone from another device) from to

As per reports, the tech giant has planned this move to decrease the usage of the word “Android”.